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I have collected some homemade DIY natural hair dye recipes that will help you keep healthy and won’t cost you a fortune.

Are you able to tell the difference? If so, how can you tell? The way I know some people are just saying they can see the difference is because at my table of co-workers some of them (natives) said they sometimes have a hard time telling the difference. Let’s make this a bit more fun, shall we. I am going to put up the faces of three different men and three women. There is one Japanese man, one Japanese woman, one Chinese man, one Chinese, woman, one Korean man, and one Korean woman. You have to find out which is which and I will give post the answers on the Japan Guy tomorrow.

Names of medicinal plants are sometimes confusing. The Herb Doctors includes an instant cross-reference from any of these names to the other names. There are over 15,000 name references in the Herb Doctors at this time.

What’s also really cool about them is that they have a small coffee shop inside, which serves FREE DRINKS. We go in to get our hair cut and styled, and we get a free latte with cookies and nuts. That’s not all. Prices in Korea for hair salons are really, really cheap. Really cheap. After your free latte, you also get a free scalp massage, which can be utterly painful, like Korean Foot Massages often are, but sometimes the scalp massages can be really relaxing. Altogether, hair cut and style, plus free latte, plus free scalp massage, comes out to roughly 22,000 won. No tax, no tip. SERIOUSLY! That’s awesome, totally awesome. Think about it this way: if you were going to get a latte at a coffee shop for 5,000 won, pay an extra 17,000 and you’ll get a rocking haircut along with it. BAM!

In my recent article Avoid These 7 Toxic Chemicals Found in Most Hair Dyes, I list the 22 hair dye toxic chemicals banned in Europe. The toxic dyes and ...

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Many salons use professional hair care brands that don’t test on animals. The most popular ones are Kevin Murphy and Paul Mitchell . As for professional hair dye, Pravana is the best cruelty-free dye. Ask your salon owner what brands they use, and pick a place that opts for cruelty-free brands.

Therefore, we decided to do some poking around on the Internet to find the best gray hair that will serve as the perfect inspiration for any woman looking for a fun new shade this season.

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