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Blake Lively looks like she just stepped out of the sun thanks to golden tones that brighten up her natural dark blonde base. 

So without any further delays lets get started. For making this all natural hair shampoo or cleanser you will need Reetha also known as Soapnut and Shikakai also known as Acacia concinna. I am sure most of you the benefits of these two but still let me write down a few of them

I know she’s really, really convincing in the commercials, but guys, it’s just not true. The Queen herself does not put a box color on her hair… it would be orange if she did.

These are natural colors and as such will create natural hues on your hair. They will not create artificial colors like hot pink, completely platinum blonde, or jet black (ok, so that isn’t a fake color, I just haven’t figured out how to do it…) The blonde/light recipes will actually permanently lighten hair since they naturally bleach it but the red and dark hues will leave a temporary tint for a few weeks (depending on how often you wash it). The sun will help set all the hues.

THE COLOR " Kate 's hair is a single-process blond with highlights," says New York-based colorist Sharon Dorram, who works with the Oscar winner.

THE COLOR "Kate's hair is a single-process blond with highlights," says New York-based colorist Sharon Dorram , who works with the Oscar winner. "The base is lifted two to three shades lighter than her natural color, creating a honey-blond color. The highlights around the face are baby blond."
WHO CAN WEAR IT "This color works best on anyone with a peaches-and-cream complexion and light eyes," says Dorram. "The best results will also come from someone who has a light to medium-light ash-brown base color."
HOW TO GET IT Ask for a honey-blond base and layers of highlights that are woven into the hair. "This is not a color that can be achieved in one visit," adds Dorram.


It wasn’t until I saw old pictures of myself with full, thick hair that I considered returning to my natural texture. In a matter of minutes I went from chemically straightened, bra-strap-length hair to a mini ‘fro that couldn’t even make an Afro puff. I had Viola Davis length but without the shape, more Brandy’s dad on Moesha . I was pretty impressed with my bravery, little knowing I was about to fall ‘fro first into a whole new world of stereotypes.

For example, a level six can go darker or lighter—to a four or an eight—because this is the most versatile shade. Levels seven to eight have the perfect scenario to add highlights or lowlights and become more of a golden, strawberry or pale blonde. If you’re a nine to 10, meaning a very light blonde, you shouldn’t use an all-over color because you don’t want to contrast your natural tones with anything too dark. If you choose to do anything, add lowlights for dimension and contrast.

The most effective treatment is a potent blend of essential oils, all of which can be found in our Euro Oil Conditioner .

Always try to stay within your Seasonal palette for hair colors. Nothing looks worse than a Cool Summer with naturally beautiful ash blonde hair who dyes it red. Or a Light Spring with naturally beautiful golden blonde hair who dyes it black.

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natural hair color kate winsletnatural hair color kate winsletnatural hair color kate winslet