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The one thing you need to know about natural hair is that the kinkier (tightly coiled) it is, the drier it will be in many cases .

Looking for a remedy-
Hello, I'm looking for a natural remedy for adult cystic acne. I'm nearly 30 yo and have had acne for most of my life. As I became older it changed into more cystic, hormonal-type acne. Please advise, thank you!

Each camel can produce around five pounds ( kg) of hair a year. Hair may be collected by shearing , combing or by collecting fiber shed naturally during the six to eight-week molting season in late spring. [1] Fallen hair is normally gathered by hand. [2]

While popular hair salon business names are a rather safe bet, many salon owners seek creative and unique names to set their business apart from the others. If your goal is to create a memorable name, you'll need to think outside of the box and really brainstorm your mission statement while minding your product lines and technical level.

I swear to folks all the time, my hair NEEDS silicones. My detangling sessions are murder without them. They keep my hair soft, moisturized and strong, and my regular sulfate free poo gets rid of build up just fine. I actually look for silicones in my conditioners, lol.

To my DT I love adding:
Castor and/or Avocado oil and some EO (rosemary, lavender, cedardwood, tea tree and thyme)

For my whippped butter:
EVCO, jojoba, EO (rosemary, lavender, cerdarwood, and lemon) - love this combo, smells so good!

“These new non-degree programs give students more options,” said Anthony Caison, Wake Tech’s Vice President of Workforce Continuing Education. “They offer practical pathways to career readiness – and put students on a fast track to employment in the growing cosmetology industry.” 

Most deep conditioners are usually thick and creamy in consistency. They are designed to penetrate the hair follicle and deposit nutrients that promote moisture retention and hair elasticity. Increased moisture content in the hair equates to increased hair elasticity. In layman’s terms, if moisture is infused into your hair shaft, it will allow the hair strand to stretch when stressed, without snapping or breaking off. If your hair feels dry and brittle, then it needs moisture. If your water based leave-ins do not seem to remedy the problem, then your hair probably needs to be deep conditioned.

I usu­al­ly do my Celie Twists on blow-dried or stretched hair. I can do them with­out blow-dry­ing my hair but my hair and twists do not look as neat. It’s also eas­ier for me twist my hair if it’s first blow-dried. But when it’s blow-dried too straight, the ends of my twists tend to eas­i­ly unrav­el and I have to use numer­ous bob­by pins to keep the ends in place. Usu­al­ly in a cou­ple of days, my hair thick­ens up due to humid­i­ty and heat. As a result, I then only need one or two bob­by pins to hold my twists togeth­er.

Hair growth is divided into three cycles—the growth phase, the transitional phase, and the resting phase. [1] Each hair follicle can be in a different stage of the growth cycle as compared to nearby hair follicles. Scalp hair grows about 1 centimeter ( in) every month for about 3-5 years, stops for about 2-4 months, and is shed during the resting phase. [2] A wide array of difference causes (such as the person’s age, genetics, nutritional status, health, and environmental factors) can all disrupt the hair growth cycle and lead to increased hair loss. By identifying the cause of your hair loss, you can then take advantage of natural remedies to potentially stop hair loss.

Kérastase is angling to play in the natural hair -care space. Today, the L’Oréal-owned company will introduce its most natural line to date, Aura ...

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names of natural hair dyesnames of natural hair dyesnames of natural hair dyes