Natural hair color quiz

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All of these shades can be found naturally, or you may want to use hair dye to create your own pleasing shade. For a truly unique look, some people even choose funky hair colors such as blue, green, or pink hair .

The goal when covering gray is to look like you didn't. These tips can help make your new color look as natural as possible.

Gray hair color for light skintones  Opt for a creamy pale yellow or pure white gray tone to play off your skin’s natural coloring. Too much gold, however, is not flattering, so stick with a paler yellow shade.

Most of us have about 100,000 hairs, and it's normal to lose as many as 100 of them every day. Shedding a lot more than that can be a sign of a physical problem, so call your doctor if your shower drain is clogged on a regular basis. Otherwise, don't fret over a few lost hairs after shampooing or brushing. New ones will grow in their place.

Some women who decide to go natural choose to cut off all the hair that is relaxed, straightened, or chemically altered. This can result in a very short haircut and is often called 'The Big Chop.' Others, however, take it slower and trim off previously relaxed hair in stages. This is referred to as transitioning . There is no right or wrong way - but there are things to keep in mind with both methods. The Big Chop is a drastic change and not all women are comfortable with it. Those who transition, however, should keep in mind that it can be hard to find styles to support two different hair textures. The area where the relaxed hair ends and the natural hair begins may also be weak so extra care is needed when washing, styling and detangling.

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natural hair color quiznatural hair color quiznatural hair color quiz