Cool vs natural hair color

Aphogee Two-step Treatment Protein for Damaged Hair (): This treatment is to be used once every 6-8 weeks and it is for severely damaged hair. The bottle does say “ FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY” so you should use it only in dire situations. I used this treatment while I was transitioning and it worked very well to help with the transitioning process. I just did this treatment for the first time in two years to help battle my hair issues. It is a strong protein treatment and you must follow the directions to the T to prevent any further damage or breakage.

Save your hair before it’s gone! Our Natural Strengthening Shampoo is infused with hydrolyzed protein to fortify and protect your hair from breakage, and ...

On top of that, I had a really stressful few months and stress can make hair loss worse. I addressed the stress and the hormones and it stopped the hair loss, but I wanted to do something to help my new hair grow more quickly and to protect my hair/scalp in the summer months.

Street style is one of our favorite sources of hairstyle inspiration, whether it’s the girl opposite you on the train or the best Fashion Week looks from the most stylish cities in the world. Whatever your hair type, you’ll find countless street style ‘dos to take your cue from. If you want a brand new look or some fresh styling ideas for the haircut you have, look no further!

Accord­ing to nat­u­ral hair Youtu­ber, Tiffani Renae, the Infini­ti Conair flat iron has not caused her to expe­ri­ence any heat dam­age. Like TheChic­Nat­u­ral, Tiffani only passed the flat iron through her hair once. She was able to do this because she put the flat iron on the high­est set­ting (395 degrees). After blow dry­ing her type 4 nat­u­ral hair, Tiffani went to work. Her flat iron and her tech­nique left her hair boun­cy and full.

I've used avacado, coconut milk, and olive oil. It's a bit messy, but it really added much needed moisture to my hair.

1 avocado
1 can of coconut milk
1 tablespoon of olive oil

I usually mix everything in a blender to make it creamy, then store the remaining in the fridge.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil  may be one of the best oils out there for hair care, beauty, and skin care. It has a endless list of benefits and uses. Coconut oil is a naturalist’s best friend! In its unrefined state (extra virgin is best) it is the least processed, and is actually both a moisturizer and a sealant (WHAT!)  Well coconut oil is capable of penetrating the shaft due to its molecular structure, but in limited amounts.  Because of these limits most of the oil stays on the outside of the hair (acting as a sealant) The most optimal time to use coconut oil as a moisturizer is in the presence of water or a water based leave in conditioner.

15. Very carefully (and at your own discretion, and risk) dip the ends of the hair in very, very hot water. You may want to have someone help you with this step.

Curly hair is sim­ply a spi­ral or wave while kinky hair has a  tor­sion twist  (which can be felt as a per­ma­nent crimp)  where the hair strand turns around itself (see the dia­gram).

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Foto - Moisturizing Oil Vs. Sealing Oil - Trials N Tresses:

cool vs natural hair colorcool vs natural hair colorcool vs natural hair color