Celebrities with natural hair color

Not many of us rock our own natural hair color these days, so why would we expect celebrities to? Yet somehow we’re still shocked to learn our favorite ...

Check out this round up of our favorite pop stars and celebs. Their man-made shades are on the left in each photo, while their natural hues are on the right!

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Several of them definitely have makeup on! Helen Mirren, Penelope Cruz and Jessica Chastain all have eye makeup on, their eyes looks very smoky. If they say make-up free they should mean makeup free. And if they lied about eye makeup did they lie about other makeup?

It's official: we're turning the phrase "freckle face" into a compliment (take that, fourth-grade hecklers). We know it's not easy growing up with a face full of spots , but these gorgeous celebrities have managed to embrace their speckled faces. These women are prime examples of why you should never cover your freckles with concealer. If supermodel Gisele Bündchen is showing off her beauty marks, then we will, too!

"In our society, celebrities act like a drug," said James Houran, a psychologist at the consulting firm HVS Executive Search who helped create the first questionnaire to measure celebrity worship . "They're around us everywhere. They're an easy fix."

Jil­ly came onto the scene rock­ing curls when they weren’t even in style, but over the past few years she’s exper­i­ment­ed with straight hair off and on. While this pix­ie cut is still beau­ti­ful, I can’t help but iden­ti­fy more with the nat­u­ral Jill, whether she is rock­ing a fade or a volu­mi­nous look with the help of her styl­ist, Feli­cia Leather­wood.

And Emma Stone, whom everyone considers to be a natural redhead (she's actually a blonde), dyed her locks after "Superbad" producer Judd Apatow told her she'd look edgier with a new hue.

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celebrities with natural hair colorcelebrities with natural hair colorcelebrities with natural hair color