Ombre with natural hair color

Redheads aren't left out of the ombré trend. Take a page from Emma Stone's book with her soft gradation from deep red at her roots to strawberry blonde at the ends.

2. Kenza Zouiten : Swedish blogger Kenza is rocking a soft blond sombre. You’re going to want to show your stylist this pic stat for a copycat look. (Photo via @kenzas )

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Ombrè hair is a never dying trend. Many celebrity like Drew Barrymore, Khloe Kardashian, and Lauren Conrad have been seen rocking the ombrè hair trend. The word Ombre is french for shadow, this is where the hair is darker near the roots and gradually becomes lighter towards the ends. It's a little different from a dip dye, which has a much more pronounced change in colour.

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For those of you who have been in hiding and missed this hair trend, ombre hair is darker at the top and lighter at the ends. Celebrities have gone head over heels for the ombre hair color, including Beyoncé, Khloe Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore.

I would recommend instead of lightnening all over choose a hair color that will lift your roots, as long as you have virgin hair if you use a high developer and patience to allow the color to fully develop according to the manufactuer(20 or 30 volume, if your hair is extremely dark and healthy maybe a 40, and go to a beauty supply and try to find a creme color line like Satin[I love that brand]) and apply it root to mid shaft, which goes about an inch away from your scalp to about an inch from your ends, so anywhere in the midshaft you would like to see the lighter pieces, then apply the lighter in small sections from where the color is (midshaft) thru the ends and be patient! Lighter turns hair orange because you have to get it past a certain level because hair has natural undertones the darker the warmer(red, orange, yellow) your hair is. that is a great diy look, but I HIGHLY recommend leaving it to the pros!

Using shading or creating an ombré effect is ubiquitous. For instance, in fabric printing, using a special printing block called a "rainbowed" block, was used in the early 19th century to produce textiles with graduated color designs. [3] Ombré as a textile treatment came back into fashion in around 1840 and was used throughout the 19th century. [3] [4] In machine embroidery an ombré effect was achieved by dyeing the threads in graded colors beforehand. [5]

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ombre with natural hair colorombre with natural hair colorombre with natural hair color