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Love LOVE love the products. I have a six year old daughter and we both love the smell as well. Not over powering. Keeps her hair healthy and beautiful.

So as I’ve been experimenting with various natural shampoo methods, every day has allowed me to experiment with various natural conditioning methods too.

We don't use any artificial fragrances or harsh ingredients so these organic conditioners are even suitable for those with very sensitive skin.

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When I first went natural, I was inundated with information about natural oils. With properties such as fatty acids and emollients, oils are extolled; but with so many types it is difficult to tell them apart. To save you from the confusion, here is your cheat sheet:

Key benefits of our natural hair conditioners are focused on using luxurious, nutrient rich and responsibly sourced ingredients to naturally indulge your hair. Never any chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances or synthetic chemicals in our natural and organic hair conditioners that could dry or damage sensitive hair cuticles. We wouldn’t dream of disgracing your precious locks by using sulfates, abrasive detergents or any other harsh ingredients that might put your vulnerable strands at risk. Our organic and natural hair conditioners are specifically developed to be totally natural and absolutely PURE.

i have a doubt that when i use honey to prepare conditioner for my hair, does it cause my hair to turn into white in colour??
and the next one is what should i do to make my hair grow denser??

Lather it onto your hair, focusing on the ends where you’ll likely have the most damage, and make sure to really coat all the strands of hair.

A starter shopping list with only 16 ingredients (most of which you will find in your cabinet) to help you get started on your journey!

While these are simple recipes, Nunziata does say it takes practice to get it right and that there are some important things to remember about using conditioners:

There are many ways by which you can take care of damaged hair by using simple homemade hair conditioner for dry damaged hair. With the help of certain natural ingredients, you can create great conditioners and hair masks to regain  healthy hair  texture.

In my post “ Learning to Celebrate Life ,” I said that we hadn’t made a decision as what we wanted to do about having children.  While we haven’t fully made a decision, I have decided that I do not want to have surgery to remove the fibroids. I want to try a natural route in shrinking them. And while I am unable to discuss all that I am doing to help shrink them, I can say I am working on eliminating the things that contribute to them. 

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