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 · People that I come across these days assume that my hair has always been long and that my genetics are responsible. Rather annoyingly, some ...

When it comes to shampooing, detangling, and conditioning in sections, some believe ‘ it don’t take all that ‘. And for some it may not but if you have thick, very textured hair, this extra step will save you time in the long run. It allows you to adequately cleanse, detangle, condition, and moisturize your hair more effectively. You can also closely examine your hair better while sectioned.

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I discussed this in more detail in my  Guide to Healthy Hair .  In between shampoos, I Co-wash or Rinse (run water through my hair without shampoo or conditioner) my hair especially in summer. (Houston, TX has 100°+ heat and my hair needed it.)

The problem is many people have trouble retaining length (breakage) — which is a big difference from not growing.

I agree with every single word she said. My hair is a tad shorter than hers, but I've noticed a tremendous growth spurt once I developed a consistent low manipulation, no heat, lots of moisture routine. Other things I would add: diet, water and exercise. Eating lots of raw foods, wholesome, nutritious foods, drinking lots of water (and virtually nothing else), and taking vitamin supplements (especially biotin) has helped too.

I DC once a week (overnight) and henna once a month (overnight).

Natural hair needs regular moisturizing. To know how to moisturize hair to keep it healthy and how to moisturize hair to keep it growing long and natural, it’s important to choose the right conditioner. Select a  moisturizing conditioner  that is  SLS- and SLES-free , and free from parabens and mineral oils. Even if you choose to shampoo less often, moisturize regularly,  leaving conditioner in  for several minutes as needed.

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natural hair growing treatmentsnatural hair growing treatmentsnatural hair growing treatments