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" … [B]y leaving the natural oils on the hair, the hair doesn't need any styling products … If you don't apply any styling products, then there is no need to wash your hair. No products, no need to wash them out."

The Cold Brew process has cemented its status as pinnacle percolator of coffee bar culture. What separates the wheat from the chaff—or the coffee cherry from the bean, as it were? As its name puts forth, Cold Brew Coffee is never heated. As a result, the oils and acids that are commonly released with heat don’t pass through to the brew. To quantify it, a cup of Cold Brew Coffee contains about...

Product Description:
Trader Joe’s 100% pure Jojoba oil is a pure and natural plant extract that will penetrate and moisturize your skin without leaving any oily residue.  It has multiple applications. Use it for hair, skin and scalp. This luxurious oil can be used to remove makeup and cleanse clogged pores, leaving the skin clean. It softens your hands and feet. It’s specially good for moisturizing the scalp and to prevent dry skin and flakiness. It can be used as a leave-in hair treatment or as an after-shave moisturizer.

Giovanni Direct Leave-In HANDS DOWN! I just bought the liter pump bottle from Massage Warehouse (WARNING: has different ingredients than advertised though)

Use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in cooking - it stands up to relatively high heat and imparts a distinctive flavor - in salad dressings, for baking, and even as a moisturizer for dry skin.  It's true!  It will fluctuate from a liquid to a solid state, depending on the temperature at which it's stored, so don't be surprised when the solid-looking oil you bought in the store turns into a liquid when the jar's been stored in a warmer pantry.  We're selling each 16 ounce jar for $  - if you've shopped for similar products elsewhere, you know exactly how good a value this is.  Just another reason ours is so special.  Look for it in our grocery aisle.

Tamara, I use the Suave Naturals Morning Bliss 2-in-1 Shampoo | Conditioner, and girl!!!!! it has blown my mind. It is sooooooooo good that I NEVER have to detangle before washing my hair. It makes my so light and fluffy. It is actually my respite, so whenever I feel stressed, I instantly want to wash my hair because it is such a goooooood experience. That’s to tell you how good it is.

Great for leave-ins, pre-poo­ing, or seal­ing hair, Jojoba oil has made it on many a natural’s radar. How­ev­er, the price-point can be a lit­tle dis­cour­ag­ing to some — espe­cial­ly when olive , coconut and oth­er oils are avail­able in much larg­er quan­ti­ties for much less. One way to ease the sting in pur­chas­ing this pow­er­ful oil is to head over to Trader Joe’s. This amaz­ing store chain car­ries 4oz of 100% pure Jojoba oil for $. This is by far the best in-store pric­ing I have found. 

Who doesn’t love this stuff? Ok, I know there are some folks out there that aren’t nec­es­sar­i­ly a fan of this edi­ble oil — but for the most part, this is a sta­ple in plen­ty of people’s mix-ins, pre-poos, leave-ins and styling reg­i­mens. I pur­chased my first jar of vir­gin unre­fined Coconut Oil from Whole Foods for $ (their own 365 brand). I con­tin­ued to pur­chase them there, and even got excit­ed when it would go on sale for $. I was nev­er par­tic­u­lar­ly excit­ed about going to Whole Foods — the crowds were pre­ten­tious, every­thing seemed over­priced, and I damn sure couldn’t pro­nounce or cat­e­go­rize on the Food Plate (for­mer­ly pyra­mid) half of the stuff they sold there. The hot food bar was the truth, but hot meals and Coconut Oil wasn’t enough to keep me com­ing back.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “spritzing” it means spraying your hair with a measured sprayer all over to the point of dampness, but not dripping wet. In spite of what some commercial products may say to the contrary, the only way to add moisture to your hair is to use something wet! Water and other water-based additives are the answer to preventing problems with your dry natural hair.

B&M means brick & mortar stores you can drive to and shop in as opposed to online stores.
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