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I think that there is a mis­con­cep­tion that all nat­u­rals have thick hair. When you think of a nat­u­ral, the image that comes to mind is of the all encom­pass­ing AFRO. But there are some nat­u­ral girls out there with fine hair, thin hair or a com­bi­na­tion of both. Fine hair describes the actu­al diam­e­ter (size) of the hair strand, while thin hair describes the num­ber of strands per square inch. So it is quite pos­si­ble for your hair to be fine in diam­e­ter and coarse in tex­ture. Weath­er can also affect the width of hair. Fine hair is the hair type most eas­i­ly dam­aged by the use of heat and chem­i­cal process­es. Here are some hair­care and styling mod­i­fi­ca­tions that can be made in the case of fine/thin hair.

Shake well before use. Wet hair thoroughly. Massage the Shampoo into your hair. Lather and leave on hair and scalp for a few minutes so that the active ingredients have time to work. Rinse thoroughly. For best results use at least twice weekly and follow with JustNatural Conditioner.

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It seems as though thick hair is all the rage these days, but what if you want your hair to be thinner? Hair that is full and heavy can be difficult to manage, but there are techniques you can employ to thin it out and make it easier to style. Read on to learn how to thin your hair with thinning shears, style it differently to make it look thinner, and change your routine to create a sleeker, tamed-down look.

Adding texture to thin hair is a cinch with some highlights and lowlights, and when you add some subtle waves to the ends and tousle them up a bit, you get a really casual and ultra trendy appearance. We love how the lengthy sides around the face are swept back, opening up her face beautifully.

Hair growth begins inside the hair follicle . The only "living" portion of the hair is found in the follicle. The hair that is visible is the hair shaft, which exhibits no biochemical activity and is considered "dead". The base of a hair's root (the "bulb") contains the cells that produce the hair shaft. [8] Other structures of the hair follicle include the oil producing sebaceous gland which lubricates the hair and the arrector pili muscles, which are responsible for causing hairs to stand up. In humans with little body hair, the effect results in goose bumps .

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just natural thin hair conditionerjust natural thin hair conditionerjust natural thin hair conditioner