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The first decision you will have to make when creating a flat twist hairstyle is what type of pattern you would like; zig zag rows, diagonal, or any other type you can think of. If this is your first time doing this type of hairstyle, it might be easier on you to stick with making straight rows. Once you feel you have the hang of it, then you can get creative with your design.

Will relaxed hair get any waves or curls if you put in a curl activator?

A: Hi Sharon. The short answer to this question is..."No".

A longer response is that curl activators activate curls. One your hair has been chemically straightened with a relaxer it stays straight unless it's porous and it reverts or you set it in a specific curl pattern and let it dry that way.

What curl activators can do for relaxed hair is add moisture to it. As for adding curls? Not happening.

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The problem with many shampoos is that they strip your hair and scalp of their nutritive oils completely or leave chemicals like silicone that build up a residue that can negatively affect your scalp or hair and prevent you from having the beautiful hair that you deserve.

Hi,I’m Vivian I relaxed my hair august 2016, and I didn’t do it well 😢. So my front hair is straight and the middle is in between relaxed and natural .

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 ended on a great note for all of you and that 2017 rolled in full of promise and excitement. Between starting a new job and making a personal commit to live life rather than just exist, it’s been hard to balance life off the net…

Thicker, bigger hair.   My hair is dense but I have fine strands so the biggest reason for texlaxing my hair is the thicker texture I retain by under-processing my hair.

Have you just changed from natural to relaxed? Are you having tangles after getting out the shower? This article will show you how to wash your relaxed hair without breakage, tangles, for results of soft, manageable healthy hair.

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just natural relaxed hair conditionerjust natural relaxed hair conditionerjust natural relaxed hair conditioner