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Many of these 50 natural hair gurus have been featured in Essence, Ebony, The New York Times , Elle Magazine, Marie Claire, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, , and on The Today Show. We have CEOs, popular black hair bloggers, film producers, published authors, star YouTube vloggers and even a couple of scientists!

The one thing you need to know about natural hair is that the kinkier (tightly coiled) it is, the drier it will be in many cases .

For Dry or Damaged Hair. Moisturizes and provides incredible smoothness for dry or damaged hair. Instantly repairs hair with Triple Blend Technology.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “spritzing” it means spraying your hair with a measured sprayer all over to the point of dampness, but not dripping wet. In spite of what some commercial products may say to the contrary, the only way to add moisture to your hair is to use something wet! Water and other water-based additives are the answer to preventing problems with your dry natural hair.

B.) pH-Balanced Shampoo  —  The natural pH of your hair is about 5. To keep the outer cuticle closed and maintain the shine of your hair, you have to ensure that your hair’s pH is kept at a normal level. Look for moisturizing shampoo with a pH from – . It should take your hair back to a stable balance. Also if the label says it has anti-static ingredients (such as trimethyl alkonium chloride or ammonium chloride) to prevent or eliminate fly away hair, it is what you are looking for. Be aware that the ideal moisturizing shampoos also contain the buffering agent sodium citrate, which is a compound that releases more acidifying ions when acidity is low and absorbs acid when acidity is too high.

WHAT’S IN IT: The first sev­er­al ingre­di­ents con­sist of water, fat­ty alco­hols (stearyl and cetyl), and a few sil­i­cone-based ingre­di­ents that smooth down the hair shaft.  It also con­tains sea kelp, aloe vera juice , and jojoba oil .


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Coconut Oil
Coconut oil  may be one of the best oils out there for hair care, beauty, and skin care. It has a endless list of benefits and uses. Coconut oil is a naturalist’s best friend! In its unrefined state (extra virgin is best) it is the least processed, and is actually both a moisturizer and a sealant (WHAT!)  Well coconut oil is capable of penetrating the shaft due to its molecular structure, but in limited amounts.  Because of these limits most of the oil stays on the outside of the hair (acting as a sealant) The most optimal time to use coconut oil as a moisturizer is in the presence of water or a water based leave in conditioner.

A starter shopping list with only 16 ingredients (most of which you will find in your cabinet) to help you get started on your journey!

So I asked you all to let me know if you had any questions. Over 30 people sent me messages and the #1 question asked was “How do I grow my hair longer?”  Now people asked it in various ways but essentially it was the same question.  How do I get from where I am […]

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