Natural hair smoothing treatments

Signature line Hair Mask nourished your hair, infused with authentic argan oil, pistachio extracts, jojoba oil, while providing antioxidants protection for damaged and dry hair. Restores overworked hair by deeply moisturizing and improving elasticity, protecting against further hair stress.

The flip-top cap dispenses just the right amount of fluid and just a little amount was needed to smooth out my frizzy antennas. The result is instant shine and glossy effect to the hair. The serum adds a subtle oiliness to the hair without weighing it down. It is very lightweight and the comb glides down smoothly. But a word of caution for people with oily scalp, this serum might not work for them in the sense that the serum may make their hair greasier and make it look limp, but then going overboard with the serum will surely add that champi look to people with even dry hair. One more thing to note is that this hair serum easily sorts out the knots in my hair and my hair becomes manageable and easily style-able. I have heard from my friends that this works well with blow drying and ironing. This one really smooths out the roughness of my curls and leaves it with zero frizz.

The effects from the treatment last from 2 to 5 months and it is primarily recommended for hair that is wavy or ridden with frizz. This is because it doesn’t so much alter the structure of your hair so much as it aligns it. The treatment is not likely to be as effective with hair that is extremely thick or curly.

Some of us get lucky when we fall into good hands who not only make us aware of things but persuade us not to try certain treatments as it’s not necessary. I met a friend who smoothed her hair recently and when I saw her after a few months she was complaining that her hair was falling out and she was getting a lot of breakage. I asked her why she did it in the first place as her
hair was quite good, to be honest. But, she said that her hair dresser advised her to go for a hair smoothing treatment as she had frizzy hair. Trust me, her hair wasn’t all that frizzy; but, like I said we often fall prey to things which we can do without and should consider only when it’s really necessary.

An afro is a hair style that is only really possible with the naturally kinky texture of African American hair. Visit a black hair specialist to get an afro hairdo shaped. From there, you will need to comb the hair with a hair pick or wide-tooth comb daily to achieve the large, afro style. It is important to keep the scalp moisturized if you have an afro, otherwise with all of the combing and picking you are doing, hair can become damaged and potential hair loss could be an issue. Make sure to visit a salon every six to eight weeks to get your afro touched up so it retains its shape.

Basic Hair Care One Step Smoothing System is an amino acid treatment for women who want silky, non damaged hair .See the process step by step in the video.

Scroll down to browse through specific hair care recipes. I've started with the best carrier oils for your hair type because you'll need to choose which oil to use in your conditioner recipe.

If you like to wear your hair in both the naturally curly texture and straight this treatment is for you! If you want to cut down on the frizz especially if you live in a humid place like myself the Basic Hair Care One Step Smoothing System is also a plus for you.

This formula is recommended for fine to medium textured hair types.
It gently softens curls and conditions dry, over-processed, damaged
hair. It reduces frizz while adding hydration and brilliant shine.

This is best suited hair smoothing cream for dry hair that is frizzy and unmanageable. This smoothing formula contains purified water, catatonic smoothing agents and glycerin, which control the hair volume and make the hair soft, manageable and shiny. It has a very thick consistency and a strong lingering smell.

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natural hair smoothing treatmentsnatural hair smoothing treatmentsnatural hair smoothing treatments