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I’ve had this in for almost three weeks and I love them texture of it. It almost mimics my natural hair exactly, which is 4a/4b! HOWEVER this hair sheds…not tremendously, but I would highly recommend sealing the wefts before installing. Overall this hair is high maintenance in that you have to moisturize it just as you would your hair everyday. If you’re used to managing very curly or moisture needy hair then its perfect.

1. I stopped using normal shampoo’s (containing aggressive ingredients) and anti-dandruff shampoo’s entirely and switched to using natural / organic shampoo’s without silicones, sulfates like sls, and other nasty chemicals , like Rahua.

Gorgeous Ringlets for the Ultimate Curly Girl! Our Kinky Curly hair is similar to type 3B-3C and 3C-4A hair and is a tight, spiral curl. The soft texture ...

Gaddafi's arrived in Rome with a 300-strong retinue on three Airbuses. As ever, he brought with him a giant Bedouin tent, which was erected in a park in the centre of the city and where he was to stay and conduct business.

Though people are enthusiastic in the comments—”This guy is a magician!!” one wrote—we’re skeptical. Even something like Kool-Aid only dyes your hair temporarily, and the number of chemicals and artificial colors in that stuff is high. We’d wager that Ms. Kattan’s hair will go back to its blonde roots before no time—but in the interim, her hair color does look salon-grade.

It's all about length, says hair stylist Leonardo Rocco, who was born northwest of Buenos Aires. "Women in Argentina associate long hair with sensuality and glamour." To help keep long strands in shape, he recommends applying aloe vera directly to your scalp or adding it to your usual shampoo.

Shot by beauty blogger Huda Kattan at Dubai-based hair salon Abed & Samer, the bizarre video shows a young woman having her blonde hair smothered with dollops of Nutella hazelnut spread and drizzled with condensed milk. The hair-stylist then covers her locks with tin foil to let the delicious mixture work its magic on the hair, before washing it all off in the sink. At the end of the video, the woman sports a natural-looking caramel hair color.

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Foto - Hair-Stylist Uses Nutella and Condensed Milk to Dye Woman.:

natural hair dye dubainatural hair dye dubainatural hair dye dubai