Natural shampoo for curly hair

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We have worked for 15 years to refine our formulas. What we put into our products is just as important as what we leave out. Our shampoo is a rich, nutritious, salon quality shampoo that will clean, nourish & feed your hair with organic & all natural ingredients, including extracts & essential oils, leaving it healthy and beautiful. Excellent for those with sensitive skin or scalp. Lathers and rinses clean with skin & scalp soothing ingredients, without leaving build-up, stripping, drying or weighing hair down. Safe for color treated hair. NO harmful chemicals what-so-ever! No SLS, SLES, parabens, PG or PG derivatives, sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrance, anesthetizing agents or petrochemicals. Environmentally friendly. Each bottle is made fresh with biodegradable labels & recycled plastic bottles for a cleaner global environment. For best results, follow with Christina Moss Naturals Organic Conditioner.

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On tight curls divide hair into SMALL sections and apply to SOAKING WET hair. SMOOTH each section with fingers from the root to the ends of the hair. If a section starts to dry RE-WET with water from a spray bottle. On loose curls hair can be damp and you can scrunch into bigger sections of hair.

Trying to go from a Foxy Brown fro to Pocahontas Straight when your hair is naturally kinky-curly without the aid of your neighborhood stylist can seem like a daunting task; however with these steps however and a little bit of patience, all naturally girls should be able to get silky strands with ease.

**TIP - Can also make a great Christmas or Hanukkah gift for a curly haired friend or loved one that travels frequently for work (or play).

Soap-free non-stripping formula, cleanse and condition for optimal manageability. Low-lather Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner For Curly Hair formulated with pomegranate preserves & defines curls' natural bounce. Suitable for daily use or in between traditional shampooing. Suitable for color-treated hair.

Biolage Cleansing Conditioner is not for baby/ultra fine hair, sparse/thinning hair or oily hair.

Hair growth begins inside the hair follicle . The only "living" portion of the hair is found in the follicle. The hair that is visible is the hair shaft, which exhibits no biochemical activity and is considered "dead". The base of a hair's root (the "bulb") contains the cells that produce the hair shaft. [8] Other structures of the hair follicle include the oil producing sebaceous gland which lubricates the hair and the arrector pili muscles, which are responsible for causing hairs to stand up. In humans with little body hair, the effect results in goose bumps .

i tried it...

i liked it at first, my curls were really springing and defined. btw- my hair is exactly like Simplyounique.

Anyway, after a month, my hair became brittle and the ends began to break.
I was using giovanni smooth as silk which is what i use all the time for my regular conditioner. these boards stress the importance of moisture but no one really talks about over-conditioning. I co-washed once a week, deep conditioned with aubrey organics, used the "kimmmaytube leave-in" and sealed and protected my ends with oil and shea butter. Wasn't this what I was supposed to do? lol... can we say overboard?
I'm still recovering from my co-wash experience. I'll stick to what works....

For me, the following routine works better for me:
once a week: shampoo, condition, and leave-in once/twice a month; henna.

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