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or Milk mask, file, shape and meticulous cuticle work
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With its near quarter-of-a-billion-strong population, a median age of less than 28, and growing spending power and awareness, Indonesia has the means and energy to spend on looking attractive. This is widely promoted by the Korean pop phenomenon known as K-pop. In K-pop, the visuals and looks matter as much as the music does. The striking hair styling and makeup, encapsulated by K-pop idolatry, is storming the cosmetics and hair industry, resulting, among other trends, in a hair coloring boom among the country’s youth. Of particular note, the cultural acceptance of K-pop-inspired hair coloring and styling is one of several significant and telling changes in consumer behavior, and this also leads to an increasing demand for salon products and services.

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Sunsilk was launched in the UK in 1954, and by 1959 it was available in 18 different countries worldwide. At the time, Sunsilk had an advantage over other shampoos in the market as it only needed one application, and so meant washing less natural oils from the hair. Sunsilk cream shampoo for dry hair was launched in 1956.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every day was a good hair day? Fortunately, no matter what your hair type is, your locks can look healthy and lustrous in any situation. In this article, you'll find some general steps that you can follow to always have great hair. The article also contains specific sections on caring for different hair types. Follow all the steps or just choose those that apply to you to have great hair

Commercial shampoos contain harsh cleansers called sulfates that can dry out and damage your hair over time. If you want healthy, shiny hair you can create your own shampoo using inexpensive ingredients. Learn how to make shampoo with castile soap, with soap flakes, and with baking soda.

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I have been using the age defy shampoo and conditioner for a year. My hair looks as shiny and healthy as it did when I was in high school (maybe a little thinner) but what do you expect after 50 years. I get all kinds of compliments on healthy my hair looks. I have recommended it to a number of my friends with aging hair and they love it as well.

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