Natural kitten shampoo

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Chinese made chicken jerky treats for our pets have been in the news quite a bit recently; most notably the deaths linked to brands like Waggin’ Train and Milos Kitchen... read more

AvoDerm Natural premium dog & cat foods and grooming products for a healthy skin & coat. Grain Free, wet and dry recipes for all life stages.

It works really well, but I recommend combing or brushing ...

      your medium to long hair cat before using, otherwise you’ll have tons of stray hairs in your wet hands! The after smell is kinda weird though.

      Your best approach to flea treatment will always be to start with the least toxic and most natural choices available. Natural flea control methods and products provide a safer alternative to chemical insecticides. If you cannot reasonably control fleas with this "safer" approach, then consider stronger measures. However, even natural treatments can be harmful to your kitty if not used properly.

      Dry shampoos can be made from several different ingredients. You can use baking soda, oats, corn meal or bran, or a combination. These are excellent for absorbing excess oils and dirt and baking soda will also act as a deodorizer.

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    natural kitten shampoonatural kitten shampoonatural kitten shampoo