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They've shared with me how frustrating it can be trying 10's and even 100's of commercial products (each promising fast and effective relief) and making countless trips to the dermatologist and still getting no results. Believe me, what you don't know CAN HURT YOU!

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A good quality psoriasis shampoo contains natural ingredients to treat an itchy, flaky psoriasis scalp . Find out the best shampoo for psoriasis here.

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The Psoriaid Herbal Tablet is a safe and effective herbal psoriasis remedy. There are no known side effects and it is made in USA by a GMP certified factory. *

I started researching for a new, healthier alternative to treat my psoriasis. I tried things that made it worse before finally settling on a few techniques that made it much better. I'm by no means "cured" of psoriasis, but I've found the best way to keep flakes to a minimum.

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If you're wondering how do you get psoriasis, unfortunately the direct cause of psoriasis is not yet known. Psoriasis can be triggered and affected by physical trauma to the skin, emotional stress, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption, while genetics seems also to play a role. The condition is lifelong, currently has no allopathic cure, but can be managed through topical solutions, sunlight, medication, and lifestyle/diet changes.

Dur­ing my 10th grade year in high school, my der­ma­tol­o­gist diag­nosed me with pso­ri­a­sis. I remem­ber being frus­trat­ed, con­fused, sad, and ashamed, among oth­er things. Being in high school was hard enough —  but now I’ve got to walk around with red flaky scales all over my body, and in my hair, like some kind of con­ta­gious freak. Even as an adult, deal­ing with flaky scalp (Black shirt? No thank you!) and skin scales has been dif­fi­cult and at times, embar­rass­ing. But as time ticked along, I began to accept my pso­ri­a­sis and learned how to effec­tive­ly cope with it on my skin. Wear­ing long sleeved shirts and long pants was incon­ve­nient, but sim­ple. The chal­lenge? Try­ing to cam­ou­flage scalp scales, or even bet­ter — get them to go away.

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natural shampoo psoriasisnatural shampoo psoriasisnatural shampoo psoriasis