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Now there wasn’t just one – but rather a series of products that, while had their differences, were all equally as effective and wonderful. As a result, I’ve separated them into categories instead of a numerical “list”.

Anna-Claire Vaughn lives on the Atlantic Ocean in the quaint town of Folly Beach, South Carolina with her boyfriend Dan, her brother Kenny, and two amazing dogs, Bella and Lexi. After being vegetarian for 4 years, she went vegan over a year ago after spending some time visiting the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in Willow, New York. Since going vegan, Anna-Claire is experiencing even greater energy, love, and happiness than ever and loves to share the lifestyle with others.

With Organic Extracts, Nourishing Oils & Plant Proteins to Strengthen & Repair Your Hair Leaving Your Locks Silky & Smooth

If you wish to shop for Vegan hair products, then you'll love this department. At So Organic we have a great selection. Most of the Vegan products we stock are certified by the Vegan Society, but when they are not we conduct a full review of the ingredients so you can be confident choosing any of them.

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This is the most gentle, nourishing shampoo I’ve ever tried and it’s affordable. It has a mild lemony scent that isn’t overwhelming, and while it’s a gentle shampoo, it absolutely cleans your hair and gets the job done. I always reaech for this one when my hair feels particularly dry, and it always leaves it smooth and silky as promised.

Natural Makeup - Vegan , Mineral cosmetics, eye shadows, eye liners, lip sticks, lip balms and Natural bath and body.

We have gathered the best non-sulfate, natural hair care products (shampoos and conditioners) which can be purchased online. The list is updated regularly with new high quality products.

For Her: Zenagen Revolve Treatment for Women is a shampoo-based hair therapy system targeting women’s hair loss, thinning and shedding with five-minute treatments every other day. Formulated with all-natural red clover extract, Zenagen Revolve for Women is specially engineered to complement natural female body chemistry to cleanse follicles of DHT and target future production and buildup while increasing hair volume. Zenagen products are moisturizing and leave the hair feeling very luxurious and are color safe, help with all hair types, and are vegan derived and cruelty free.  >SHOP NOW

Our natural shampoo bars are all natural conditioning shampoo in a solid bar. They’re super rich, with loads of creamy, fluffy lather. Natural ingredients gently clean the hair without stripping away natural protective oils.
Why not get rid of your chemical laden shampoo and use more natural products.

So without any further delays lets get started. For making this all natural hair shampoo or cleanser you will need Reetha also known as Soapnut and Shikakai also known as Acacia concinna. I am sure most of you the benefits of these two but still let me write down a few of them

It’s simple. No one cares more about your pocket book or your hair than you. That’s why you’re here. That’s why you want to make your own shampoo. And that’s why you want to make more of your own products. So do we!

Naked - 1 x  oz stick
Formulated for sensitive skin, this gentle, unscented deodorant is made with just four simple ingredients. But don't be fooled, it still has enough power to absorb odor and keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

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