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So we cut out the vinegar and added a little hydrogen peroxide.  This provided extra stain lifting and diluted whitening power.  Obviously, this will be effective on very light carpet and rather destructive for darker carpet.  Use your judgement and test small, unseen spots before treating your carpet with hydrogen peroxide.  Of course, I turned to hydrogen peroxide since it does such a great job whitening my teeth and my laundry .

When aerosol dry shampoo came on the market, it was a life-changer for me (I was in college at the time, working and studying, and often running late to both). What an amazing invention! Until you look at the ingredient label…

Alan Kolb, the owner of the   award-winning organic salon in Baltimore,  Sprout: An Organic Salon  (Full disclosure: this salon is where I get my hair cut) told me it’s difficult, but not impossible to find a shampoo you can feel good about using. He said:

Is that not the saddest face you have ever seen?  Don’t worry, she made it through and she is just as happy as ever:)

Since I was little I have seen my mother make her own natural shampoo using shikakai, reetha (soap nut) and orange or lemon peel. I had never tried it until recently when my favourite shampoo had its ingredients changed, and my hair refused to like the new ones. Luckily my mother was paying us a visit. And I decided to use her expertise of making this all natural homemade shampoo.

Many of us have the habit of washing our hair regularly with harsh shampoos and this could lead to hair loss. So to rejuvenate your hair and recover its natural sheen, try using homemade Indian recipes to make your own shampoo.

B&M means brick & mortar stores you can drive to and shop in as opposed to online stores.
Thanks for this comprehensive list,Nikki!

4 tbsp African black soap (crum­bled into pieces)
1 cup hot dis­tilled water
2 tsp glyc­er­in (or pure hon­ey )
3 tsp grape­seed oil

One recipe lasts our family of four 3-4 weeks and rings in at about $ per batch. I still prefer to use a separate conditioner afterward, but my husband and my kids find that it conditions sufficiently all by itself.

Yes, it probably sounds strange, but I know, it works wonders. Eggs are very rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and other amazing ingredients that can benefit the beauty of your curls tremendously. My hair became softer, thinker, and shinier when I started to wash my hair using this wonder of our nature. Only remember, scrambled eggs are good and tasty when you eat them, but to make an omelette on your head is not very pleasant experiment, so never use hot water together with an egg 🙂

Will do and thank you, when you make things, they are valued so much more and plus it’s healthier for you, cannot beat that 🙂

* Wet your hair with warm water and distribute the shampoo properly throughout your hair to get enough bubbles, and then cleanse your hair. * Recommended to apply twice: 1st to wash your hair; 2nd to massage your scalp. Please shake well before using.

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natural shampoo 2013natural shampoo 2013natural shampoo 2013